5 Brain boosting Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Drinking of the matcha green tea is part of the traditional Japanese Culture. This green tea has been the center of the Japanese tea drinking ceremony for more than nine centuries. Although no one knows exactly when this type of tea was first made most people agree almost unanimously that it originated from Asia. Matcha is made from the young leaves picked from the tips of Camellia Sinensis (shade-grown).

The leaves are steamed, stemmed, de-vined and then ground into fine powder using a stone. Although this tea has numerous benefits to the general health of the body, its brain boosting benefits are perhaps what most people love about it. There are many brains boosting benefits that you can get from matcha tea, but the following are 5 of the top ones.

1. Stimulation Of Alpha Brain Waves

Matcha green tea contains an essential ingredient known as L-Theanine. Although this element can be found in many other food products, it is more abundant in Matcha green tea. L-Theanine is a special type of amino acid, and it helps to stimulate important alpha brain waves. The stimulation of Alpha brain waves leads to increased concentration and focus. If you are engaged in a profession that requires a lot of concentration and focus, then a cup of this green tea may be all that you need.

2. Anti-stress effects

This green tea is also known to have an anti-stress effect on the brain thanks to the theanine present in the tea. Japanese monks have used this tea for many years to get rid of stress so that they can concentrate better during their meditation sessions. The anti-stress effect of matcha comes from theanine’s effect of inhibiting neuron excitation. When neuron excitation is inhibited, the brain can comfortably reduce psychological and physiological stress.

3. Makes You Smarter

Matcha green tea does much more than just making you smarter as it will make you more intelligent. The key ingredient that does this is caffeine. Matcha does not contain as much caffeine as espresso, but it contains enough to bring about a positive reaction in your brain without the “nervous’ impact associated with the consumption of too much caffeine. Caffeine prompts enhancements in different parts of the brain that leads to increased watchfulness, better memory, and an enhanced mindset. Besides from Caffein the L-Theanine in matcha has an expanding effect on the action of GABA inhibitory transmitter that will indirectly make you smarter.

4. Reduces Brain Cell Damage

Matcha contains up to 10 times the level of antioxidants found in other green teas. This makes it a more superior herbal tea for the protection of your body. Body and brain cell damage is caused by free radicals in the body. Free radicals affect brain cells that are essential for healthy brain functions. Cell damage is one of the leading causes of diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and poor memory. Although some of these conditions are not preventable during old age, the antioxidants in matcha will help delay their onset significantly. Drinking a cup of this tea daily will help preserve your cognitive ability and maintain good brain health.

5. Gives You More Energy

A cup of matcha will boost your energy levels, and you will be able to have a more productive day. The increased energy effect is one of the few unexpected effects of this green tea, and it took scientists many years to figure out how it does this. Many studies had concluded that this effect comes from the caffeine, but it is now evident that it comes from a combination of many natural matcha properties. Another study done recently showed that besides from increased physical endurance matcha also helps your brain withstand very rigorous physically engaging activities for longer durations. Even if you are not engaging in physical activities, this tea will still help get you through ordinary or routine daily activities like work related projects.

Other Health Benefits Of Matcha

  • It fortifies your immune system and hence helps to prevent and fight different types of diseases.
  • Increases the body’s metabolism and helps the body burn fat four times faster than normal.
  • Catechins in this green tea help lower LDL cholesterol level and hence leading to the healthy heart you desire.
  • Although research is not yet conclusive Matcha is thought to help HIV and cancer prevention and management thanks to the epigallocatechin present.
  • Research has shown that matcha tea can help treat gastrointestinal disorders, and it also helps to stimulate fecal excretion.


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